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The Complete On-Board Celestial Navigator is the perfect solution. It combines all that is needed for navigation at sea in one compact, durable book. Specifically designed for the occasional unpracticed celestial navigator, this single convenient volume contains all the essential tables, astronomical data and explanations for predicting and reducing observations made at sea to find position and bearing quickly and easily. For example, it contains (see Table of Contents for more details):

                               A book on Astronomical Navigation

                              A Nautical Almanac good for five years

                              Worldwide Sight Reduction Tables

                               A Star Finder

 It also provides numerical examples to illustrate the methods and tables described. Everything you need except the sextant. Hundreds of dollars of value in one convenient durable package 180 pages, lies open flat, spiral bound, printed on weather-resistant paper.


 Dr. George G. Bennett is the former Head of the School of Surveying at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, and holds a Ph.D. in geodesy/surveying. He has published extensively in international journals, including the United States and British Journals of Navigation. He is an elected Fellow of the Institution of Surveyors and the Institute of Navigation. Dr. Bennett also owns and directs a company producing navigational calculator and computer software. He has sailed in nine Sydney-to-Hobart yacht races, one of the toughest bluewater classics in the world, winning the best navigator award on his third voyage. He has also taught navigation at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia and the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, and at local colleges. 

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